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Hey, you followed that link and ended up here, hidden deep in the bowels of some geek ham radio site. What's the deal? 

The TriangleTalkShow is a podcast in the planning stages by two experienced (but very busy) podcasters:

  • Gary Pearce - that's me, and this HamRadioNow thing is the show I'm currently doing. But pod doesn't live by geek alone. I'm more or less retired, so podcast is my new job.
  • Julia McClung. Hear her at this 'cast: She's got a day job in tech (yep, another geek). And sometimes she's on the professional comedy circuit doing stand-up. Really.

OK, I'll admit it, Julia and I were initially planning an animal rescue show (she's dogs, I'm cats), but then this nut job got elected President, and the women('s march) went nuts about it, and I decided to put my energy where my talents lie (media production) and pitch in. Besides, it's fun. Julia's also done some somewhat political stuff, and she's on board.

My goal (maybe hers... we'll talk about it on a show soon): reach those people who's didn't vote put Trump over the top. Because the Democratic candidate wasn't Obama, and so... well.... what can I say. Whatever.

When do we launch?  Soon. On our own web site, and on YouTube, iTunes, etc.

What will it be? An audio-oriented podcast, produced weekly (we're aiming at Thursday night). Since Gary's already got a little TV studio (in the bonus room over his garage, lest you think we're about to become CNN), we'll record video of the show, and do it on Facebook Live, but the focus will be audio. We'll look at the week's news and give our take. We'll have guests if we ever get significant enough to attract them (or we'll go get them). 

We know how. We think.