HamRadioNow is brought to you by you. The show is viewer supported, or as one of our critics put it, we're asking you to pay for Gary's vacations. And the cameras, mics, editing system, and maybe most important, our time. The show is nearly full-time work for Gary, and once in a while he even pays someone to help out. We don't take advertising. We ask you to send a little money when you can, and many of you do... even though you could watch for free. So thanks!

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Click logo for Patreon 

Patreon is an independent service designed to let you easily fund people who create stuff you like: music, art, podcasts...  With Patreon, you make a monthly contribution of any amount you choose. It's easy to sign up, easy to change, and easy to cancel. Patreon will charge your contribution to your credit card around the 1st of each month. 

Stop by the HamRadioNow Patreon page. You can see how many contributors we have, and how much we're raking in each month (how's that vacation plan looking, Gary?). How much should you contribute? Our mantra is 'Whatever it's worth to you,' but we'll get specific to get you started: A buck a month is awesome! We just did the math on a recent month and the average was $6. That's very generous, and we're grateful that some of you like us enough to do that. But if you're just warming up to the contribution thing, really, a buck a month is plenty.

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Remember dvd's? kids, ask your grandpa

Remember dvd's?
kids, ask your grandpa

What happened to the ARVN DVDs?

Well... they're gone. Most of the shows are now online, and the few that aren't will be one day for the historical record.