Where'd it go?

You probably got here from a broken link to the old HamRadioNow/ARVN web sites. If your link says anything like http://ARVideoNews.com, or even HamRadioNow.tv/hrn.... that was it. 

Those sites disappeared when the ISP that hosted them went out of business in early 2016. We took the opportunity to create an all-new site, but that means a lot of the old pages are gone.... including EPISODES of the show.... (TAPR DCC viewers - see the bottom of this page).

On the old site we made a web page for every episode (a lot of work!), so some broken links tried to go to those pages. We also used to have our content hosted on Blip.tv, but they booted us (and a lot of small-timers) off a few years ago, so broken links tried to go there, too.

So there's a pretty good chance you're looking for a specific episode. Above, you'll see an EPISODES menu. It's got links to most of the newer episodes (after #200 or so), and we're slowly building the INDEX going back to the beginning. We've got a long way to go.

It's (almost) all on YouTube....

The good news is that every HamRadioNow episode is still on YouTube, on our channel: YouTube.com/HamRadioNow. Some of the old ARVN shows and DVDs are there, too. If they're not, you might find them on KN4AQ's two other YouTube channels: YouTube.com/KN4AQ and YouTube.com/KN4AQ2

Sorry for the goose chase. It will be hard to just scroll to a specific program. If you know the episode number, or the name, a YouTube search for that will be your best bet. That's what Gary has to do half the time to find an old episode. We plan on making a Best Of list, and maybe breaking things out by topic, but that's a lot of work when we're mostly trying to make new episodes.


There's better news if you're looking for ARRL/TAPR DCC episodes. Those are all collected in a YouTube Playlist. You can navigate to them under the Episodes menu at the top of this page.