ARVIN (CFO of hamradionow)

ARVIN (CFO of hamradionow)

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The most important Amateur Radio program on the Internet*

HRN 414: This Is No Such Thing As Free Rack Space

David Goldenberg W0DHG and Jim Aspinwall NO1PC discuss this week's BIG California ham radio story. Was the repeater kicked out of the CalFire vault, or did the state just decide that it needed to be "official"....

so... HamRadioNow...

David w0dhg (left) and gary kn4aq

David w0dhg (left) and gary kn4aq

HamRadioNow is an online television show, a webcast, an audio podcast, a YouTube show... whatever you want to call it, it's for and about Amateur Radio.  Our host is David Goldenberg W0DHG. Gary Pearce KN4AQ has moved on to bigger and better podcasts ( but promised to visit now and them)Gary's been a ham for over 50 years, and a broadcaster for almost that long. David's a little newer, but he's dived head first into EmComm, Scouting, and public service. 

And OK, we have kind of an identity problem.

  • Sometimes we're a talk show, with guests from across the Ham Radio spectrum (little joke there). Gary thinks he does the best interviews in ham radio media, but that's really your call, isn't it?

  • Sometimes we haul the gear out on location and do a magazine-style show or mini-documentary. Not often... that's a whole lot more work. And it's a lot more expensive.

  • Sometimes we present forums and seminars from various Amateur Radio events like hamfests and conferences. That's expensive, too.

  • Sometimes it's just strange stuff, like one of us pointing a camera out the window of his car while he drives cross-country, talking on the radio, or just talking to the audience. And those shows get the most favorable comments.

  • And now we've added the EmComm Extra episodes that have an EmComm focus. (No, there's nothing 'extra' about them... we just like alliteration).

So you never know what's coming next, though once in a while we'll talk about it, or give you a heads-up on our Facebook Group or Twitter.

The show is recorded, not live, though often we push the Facebook Live button. But there's no set schedule. We average one program a week. You watch the show whenever you want, either right here on our Episode Pages, or on our YouTube Channel. It's all the same stuff. Or you can download just the audio and listen on your phone with our RSS feed.

* The most important Amateur Radio program on the Internet?
A totally bogus, empty, made-up claim that sounds really good.

A proud member of the Begging for funding foundation

A proud member of the Begging for funding foundation

HamRadioNow is brought to you by you – we're supported by voluntary contributions from our viewers. If you want to help, you can make a one-time contribution by credit card, or monthly through Patreon. Just click the pig to get started (and finished).