Episode 251: 85 Watts and a Wire

Gary considers usurping the 100 Watts and a Wire show name because nobody on the show runs 100 watts and a wire anymore. But he tempers his hostile takeover because co-host Katie Allen WY7YL has taken a new job, and it look like she won't be able to participate in the show (but Katie, you didn't even say good-bye!). Gary's HF rig can't even muster 100 watts anymore, so he settles for 85.. and he's legit on the wire thing.

Next he reviews the new HamRadioNow.tv web site (with a real URL!), some news stories he won't be covering because of 1) Time; 2) Inefficiency; and 3) a vacation. He'll see you at Dayton (and probably squeeze in a show or three before that).

Finally, the Missouri House has passed it's version of the Amateur Radio Parity Act. It's in a Senate committee. Gary's got the audio of the House 'debate' that's kinda odd (but all's well that ends well?).