Episodes 1-249 - on YouTube

As of April, 2016, when the old HamRadioNow web site was decommissioned and this new one was built, we had 250 Episodes 'in the can' (that's film-speak for 'done'). And that really represented over 300 programs, because many Episodes had multiple parts. Many of those 'parts' were an hour or more themselves.

There's probably no way we'll redo separate web pages for all those old episodes. We're thinking maybe some pointers to evergreens, to 'best of's' or other 'must-see' for hams finding the show for the first time. But fully indexing all the old content for easy reference is just beyond our means.

THIS web format allows Blogs. And for new programs, we're thinking maybe a blog entry is the best way to almost automatically update the site. It also allows you to make comments on each episode, and have them in one coherent place. Maybe this will work! We'll begin with the new one, Episode 250, and see how it goes.

For Episodes 1-249, we'll point you to the real source of all our media: www.YouTube.com/HamRadioNow