HRN 255: APRS Forum at the 2016 Hamvention®

Bob Bruninga WB4APR invented APRS. He's had plenty of help, but it's still his show. While most of us use it to show where we are on a map, there are so many more aspects to it that Bob can't fit them all into a single forum. So this is kind of a 'greatest hits,' including my personal favorite: APRS isn't a vehicle tracking system!

At the beginning of the forum, Bob asks the audience if anyone "made a Voice Alert contact on the way here?"  I hadn't really gotten the camera rolling, so I missed the first few words. And I've got a huge cold, so I don't feel like sitting in front of the camera or mic for an introduction, so BAM, the episode begins!

Bob has three guests, and you'll find them at the times listed below (audio or video):

26:30 Don Arnold W6GPS introduces the new Kenwood D-STAR HT, along with some of the Japanese Kenwood design team, and AVMap updates.

36:30 is a quick shot with Byon Garrabrant N6BG with a couple of new products from Byonics.

42:50 Bryan Hoyer K7UDR from NW Digital Radio reviews their stuff (and the UDXR still isn't out, but the web site says "Q2..."}