HRN 393: Tech 'Enhanced'; Lisenco on the Hudson; What's Next

The Hudson Division Webinar, in full:

In Episode 393, Gary KN4AQ plays several 'highly edited' clips from the February 2018 ARRL Hudson Division 'Town Hall' webinar audio. His goal was to condense several comments made by ARRL Hudson Division Director Mike Lisenco N2YBB into 'listenable' sound bites, without changing Lisenco's intent or losing context.

This is the webinar audio in its entirety. The only thing edited out is about 15 minutes of technical prep at the beginning as they got things working. You'll still hear a few minutes of the guys getting things ready, but there are some interesting remarks in that time. After that, there are no edits, nothing rearranged or deleted. The primary speaker is ARRL Hudson Division Director Mike Lisenco N2YBB. You'll hear several other voices from ARRL officials in the Division and its Sections, and some Q&A from webinar listeners.

The source of that audio is this web site:  'Milen' is Milen Bourilkov KG2C. Thanks to Milen for recording the audio from the webinar. Unfortunately, Mike Lisenco had a very loud hum on his microphone. Gary ran it through noise reduction in Adobe Audition, so in this copy you'll only hear a few artifacts left over. There are a few spots where Mike spoke softly. The original audio left his voice obscured by hum, and the 'noise reduced' version is just difficult to understand in those few spots.

And here are the clips that Gary edited: