A Blog?

I know how to write. I don't know how to blog. That is, I don't know the technical details of how a blog post gets distributed beyond someone just stumbling across it on my web site. I think that's supposed to happen, and since I'd be one of only a quazillion people posting a blog, I'm sure someone will care.

So here in Blog Post 1, I'll note that I've been a busy boy trying to make SquareSpace do what I want it to do, but frequently capitulating to doing things the way it wants me to do them, to rebuild the HamRadioNow site. I was aiming for a thing of beauty (compared to the previous disaster). I'm now settling for "getting it done."

The really big job is still ahead - getting all the individual show pages in. I'm not sure how to do that, or even how I want it to look. I'm pretty sure it'll end up in the 'quick & easy' bin pretty soon. Maybe even just shuffling you off to YouTube for anything beyond the last half-dozen episodes. It's all the same stuff, anyway, and I really would rather produce shows than web pages.

So now, here's Blog Post 1. In theory, SquareSpace has the technical stuff handled. I see a COMMENTS OFF option below. Let's live dangerously and turn them on.

73, Gary KN4AQ