Welcome to HamRadioNow.tv (really)

It's about time.

HamRadioNow has been riding on the www.ARVideoNews.com URL for its whole 4-year life, buried in the 'hrn' folder. Oh, I could just tell people to go to HamRadioNow dot TV and they'd get to the site through something called a redirect, but their browser would show ARVideoNews.com, and  anyone out there in the 'media' who wanted to link to the site would scrape all that ARVideoNews stuff from that browser line. Even QST did that to us most of the time! So today I finally pulled the plug on the old ARVN/ARVideoNews site and pointed everything at this one. I guess we're committed!

All the old domains point here (we've got HamRadioNow.com, and ARVN.tv in addition to the ARVideoNews.com). I finally let the very original URL - ARVidNews.com - expire. What a stupid name that was! I claim not to be an engineer, but that name had all the earmarks of engineer-think. Let's shorten the name to its most basic elements... and make something nobody could remember or even write down correctly! ARVideoNews wasn't much better, but at least it had more of the name. ARVN.tv was good, I suppose, but by the time I figured that out, HamRadioNow was about to be launched. One of those URL-vultures latched onto ARVidNews.com as soon as it expired and tried to sell it back to me for $1000! Hahahahaha.

There's more to do here, when I get a chance. Add links to old episodes (not all of them, but a "Best-Of" list). Links to other podcasts, stuff like that. It all cluttered up the old web site, but maybe I can do something more elegant here. 

Oh, and I broke the audio RSS link again. I'd hoped I'd be able to figure out a way to keep the old RSS address working, but I'm not web-savvy enough. The good news is that in a few days, the new service should be registred on iTunes, so any podcast app will find it just by searching on HamRadioNow (or, I hope, "Ham Radio"). We'll see. Meanwhile, the RSS page has the direct link to paste in.

Finally, where are the new episodes? 

Well, I'm hoping to squeeze one out this weekend. If I can't to a real one, I'll do a placeholder. But then I'm out of town for a couple of weeks. Normally I don't advertise when I'm gone, but the house will be fully occupied by a family minding the Mouse, Bear and Popoki (you've never seen Popoki on the show, but maybe), and Salazar, our foster-cat (you won't see him, either). 

I do plan to be at Dayton, but I won't have a booth. Plan A is to shoot some seminars like last year, and visit some of the lesser-known folks peddling their wares (I'll let the other guys give you the blah-blah-blah from the Big 3 or 4). So look for me lugging the cameras around. 

Over and out!