PokéHAM GOta? Really?

When I first thought of using the click-bait title PokéHAM GOta for Episode 259, I thought I'd put it at the top of the show, but I wouldn't use it on the web (QRZ.com), Facebook, YouTube, etc. I figured the humor, the parody of using a hyper-popular phenomenon to attract attention to an important but dry subject was a little too disconnected. People might take it at face value only, real click-bait. 

But I changed my mind and decided to do it anyway. I copped out a bit by putting "(or... Parity, Amended)" in the title, too. A hedge against complaints from the too literal minded, I guess.

I haven't seen much feedback yet. One guy who does security and is tired of chasing people away who are trying to capture pinkachu on private property in the middle of the night didn't think it was funny (on the HamRadioNow Facebook Group). I expect it to be misunderstood, but mostly I expect it to be ignored.

I do think it would be cool if PokéMON GO (or it's predecessor, Ingress), had some kind of ham radio component. That's fun to talk about, but it's never going to happen.