Over and (really) Out...

Just a chance to say goodbye here on the QLOG. David is up and running, making shows on his own (it feels a little weird). He's gonna do great.

I'm still going through the steps of handing the keys to the kingdom over. He's got the web site, and soon will have the hamradionow.tv domain and the Patreon. The PayPal options that went to me are gone, and he's working on reinstating them aimed at him (a 'transfer' wasn't an option - it was tied to my business).

I'm a little more embedded in the YouTube channel, but he has full access to it, so the shows will keep appearing there.

We're working on moving the audio podcast to Squarespace. I could have done that before I started with Libsyn, but I didn't know it. In theory, the move should be 'transparent' to subscribers. In theory. We may have to ask you to re-subscribe. What could possibly go wrong.

Episode 400 is weeks away at most, and I have a feeling I'l be there.

The TAPR DCC is another issue. I'll be running a KICKSTARTER in June to raise funds for the production, including the trip to Albuquerque (which I can spell without help and no red lines). If that's successful, I'll be headed there in September. If not, no personal 'bailout' this time. I can't afford it.

Assuming it does get produced, David may want as HamRadioNow episodes, and that'll work for me. But if not, I have a few other channels to stuff them in, or maybe TAPR's own YouTube channel (which is really where they belong).

Well, that's the business. Just time to say thanks for watching, and some really enthusiastic support (and a few bricks through the window). It was a lot of fun and very satisfying to do, other than, you know, not getting enough viewers and making enough money. But I always said that 'I make the shows for me. You're welcome to come for the ride.' I think I could have made shows that got bigger audiences, but those wouldn't have been fun and satisfying to do. 

So I'll go fish in a different pond for a while. I'll let David know when I'm up and running. I've got the www.TriangleTalkShow.com domain, and that's where I expect to be (it'll just go to a temporary landing page here on HamRadioNow.tv for a while). It comes from the same kind of fevered dream that launched ARVN and then HamRadioNow. Two amazing successes! So fame and fortune, here I come (again).